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"Follow the photo-documented journey of game development one of the current projects."

Furthest Shore

Some of the earliest game boards and play tests from late 2017. At that stage the game was a card-driven area control game.

As we develop the game we come across certain problems and areas we think we should change and the importance of having people play test the game becomes clear. We should take the good criticism to heart and make adjustments if you feel they are necessary. Good game designers need to be able to distinguish good criticism from bad criticism. 

Recent progress as of early 2018. By early 2018 the game had become a worker-placement game with a complicated action selection wheel in the form of the Mayan calendar.

By the end if 18 the game had become an auction game with players secretly bidding resources to take actions. By this stage much streamlining and refinement had taken place.

The journey to the furthest shore continues...

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