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"Simple yet devastating in the complexity of each turn" - 1Africa

"Ambition has a lot of charm. The cards are cool and the character powers feel balanced" - Fellowship of the Box

"...what could soon be the latest gaming craze in South Africa" - Critical Hit


"In the years after the Great Flood, when the peoples of the Kingdom of Adamastia struggled for morsels of food amongst the rocks of the few peaks and plains left dry above the flood waters, the insects came. Grown immense by the conditions of their survival and grown cunning by some magical artifice, they enslaved the remnants of humanity. The tale of the great rebellion is told elsewhere, by writers possessed of far more skill and parchment. Suffice to say that it has been thirty years since the fall of the Insect Oppressors. The days of terrible slaughter are over and a new age has begun, under the ruler of the first line of Kings to sit the Chitin Throne. Ulfgart the Third sits there now, but humans are strange short-lived creatures with memories even shorter. How quickly the atrocities of the Queen’s egg chambers are forgotten. In what seems no time at all those in the upper echelons have begun to scheme, conniving ways to use the famed Scarab of Power to gain power, influence and most importantly coin.

In the game of Ambition you are one such schemer, manipulating powerful individuals for your own personal gain."


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Product photography by Ralph Kujawa

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